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I see adults (age 18 and over) for individual (one-on-one) and group psychotherapy in the practice of Patrick Teahan, LICSW, where we use the Relationship Recovery Program (RRP) model of therapy. I offer therapy by videoconference only, and only to people who reside in Massachusetts or Vermont. To inquire about seeing me for individual therapy or group therapy, please go to Patrick Teahan's website under Book a Session/Contact, click the button "I'm currently residing in Massachusetts or Vermont and am seeking therapy with Christopher Frechette LCSW," and complete the drop-down form. Click here.

I offer six-month groups for adults who think they have (or may have) experienced trauma during childhood and are considering any of the following questions: 

•    Even though I have difficult childhood memories, was it really that bad? In other words:

o    Was it right how my parents treated me (what they did and/or did not do)? 
o    Was it right what they led me to believe about myself, about our family, and about how to interact in relationships?

•    Did my childhood experience leave me with emotional and relational difficulties that have significant negative consequences in my present life? 
•    How can I gain awareness of how those present difficulties are linked to my childhood experience, and how can I create a recovery path, a process toward healing?

Click here for a description of the group.

For more information on the RRP Relationship

Recovery Program inner-child trauma model, click here.

For over 150 videos about the RRP model and how it works,

click here to see Patrick Teahan's YouTube channel.

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